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Tips & Tricks for Natural Deodorant

Every week I get more requests and orders for natural deodorant. Some people ask questions, some don't, and some already know about them including why, how, etc. This blog is intended to help even the most frequent users of natural deodorant with tips and tricks.

What is Natural Deodorant?

Natural Deodorant is free of aluminum and other harmful artificial ingredients. Natural Deodorant doesn't keep you from sweating, just helps with the smell associated with sweating. The smell from sweating is actually bacteria. Natural Deodorant is usually made in small batches by people that have use the product.

Why use a Natural Deodorant?

Natural Deodorant allows the body to perspire. This is important for a healthy body. Your body leaches out of the lymph nodes, all unwanted, harmful chemicals you have taken into your body. It is part of the healing process by ridding your body, similar to urinating. Antiperspirant blocks the lymph nodes under your arm from expelling these harmful chemicals using heavy metals, Aluminum. Use of Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer. So..let's get healthier!

  1. When switching over from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant their can be a smell. I say it smells mainly of metals and will pass after several days and not come back. Your body has to adjust to it being able to pass those harmful chemicals through those sweat glands again, like starting up an old engine!

  2. Always apply natural deodorant to clean, dry skin. If you shower in the evening, like I do, I always wash my "pits" when I am washing my face, in the morning. Make sure that the skin is nice and dry before applying.

  3. Its OK to sweat! Even us ladies. I have found that once my body got used to being able to release the toxins from my armpits, I don't notice that I sweat too much.

  4. Your body chemistry changes. What works today may not work tomorrow. Diet, exercise, stress levels, anxiety, etc all play a part in your body chemistry, which changes so keep that in mind as well. Some days, I have to reapply deodorant up to 2 times. It is work, but totally worth it for the benefits to my health.

  5. Diet is the number 1 issue with a deodorant "not working". I have found that the more processed food I eat, the more I stink. The more water I drink, the less I stink. Also, some vegetables can effect the body chemistry. You have to find what works for you!

I have people ask, "Why don't you have different scents?" I don't have different scents because the essential oils I use have a purpose, not just for "pretty's sake". I use Rosemary essential oil because it has been known to have anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties. Tea Tree essential oil because of the anti-bacterial properties and Lavender essential oil because it is really therapeutic for skin. Mine does smell, but the smell is fresh and clean and doesn't linger or fight with any other perfume products.

Just recently, I have added a new deodorant product to my arsenal, and have had wonderful results. A.N.D. Farmhand Edition is my version of an extra strength deodorant for those extra sweaty days of southern summer. You pick which one you think will work best for you.

I also have sample sizes of each one to purchase. That way you can try both before committing to strength.

In the end, if my deodorant works for you, that is awesome...if not try a different one. The main idea is to let your body B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Until next time...Shannon

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