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Natural Insect Relief

Looking for natural insect products? These products contain NO DEET.

Or artificial ingredients. EVER     SAFE for children and infants.

Itchy Stick is a convenient tube and relieves itch and sting from insects including mosquitos, ants, wasps, spiders, no-see-ums, etc. Just throw it in your purse, pocket or glovebox.

Insect Deterrent: "Shoo-Fly (Don't bother me)" was formulated out of a need for myself. I am highly sensitive to anything with DEET. I have complete loss of my allergic reflex and start vomiting..I know icky, but it does happen. I use this all the time at the barn, festivals and even at goat shows to control biting insects. Churches buy it by the case to take on mission trips, cruise ships, anywhere there may be a biting insect.

Insect Deterrent contains Lemon Eucalyptus which in a study by the CDC determined was .."as effective in repelling insects as DEET"..2001

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