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I own a small farm, raising healthy, happy Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats since 1997. My love for these goats led me to embark on our bath and body business. My mother and I started Yellow Rose Farm to enjoy these cute little goats with a HUGE personality. We are proud to own wonderful goats that produce well for us. The saying goes that "Happy goats produce wonderful milk."(and our girls must be really happy!)

We have been producing quality goat milk soap since 2003, for our family, friends and ourselves. In 2011, when my mom became ill my future became clear. I was able to leave my full time job in 2013 and haven't stopped yet!


I have had such a full life, after working and having my son, I went back to college and finish my Bachelor's degree. In 2010, I graduated from The University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Agricultural Education. During my time at UGA I was fortunate enough to be  asked to collaborate on several Agriculture textbooks. I wrote several chapters on goats for those textbooks, helped to edit, produce photographs, and write and produce a teacher's edition and student workbook for the textbook.

I have had the opportunity to show our award winning goats in many states throughout the years, and I have served on several national goat association boards. I am currently a member of the Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association (,and am Dairy Goat Superintendent of the Georgia National Fair, participate in milk testing through the American Dairy Goat Association (, milk goats year round, teach classes to anyone wanting more information on goats, mentor starting farms with dairy goats, mentor Agriculture Teachers across the state about both meat/market and dairy goats, and LOVE every minute of it!!

ABOUT the Products:

Fueled by my passion of goats and the benefits of goat milk products, Yellow Rose Farm Soap Company was opened to the public. I take a lot of pride in my products and formulations and use all the products myself. All the formulations have been through multiple tests for both quality and effectiveness. I research EVERY ingredient of EVERY product so that I know what I am making is wholesome and effective. Not only do I make goat milk bath and beauty products but also All-Natural products as well.

Milking the goats twice, everyday (even on Holidays and Sundays) gives me an opportunity to create and contemplate new and innovative bath and body products. I love doing research, so I do what comes naturally, research everything! I have also been reading, REALLY READING, the labels of personal care products. Yuck! There is a reason beauty conglomerates use those large scientific words....they sound better than the words everyday people know and that have been linked to cancer!

I strive to make ALL our products the very best and, to that end, use only the highest quality raw ingredients. All of the base oils used in our products are organic, Non-GMO, and sustainably harvested. Of course we use only OUR fresh goat milk from our herd of healthy, happy goats for the goat milk products. Many of the additives we use in our products are produced locally and/or wild crafted here on the farm!

I DO NOT PARTICIPATE in Animal Testing. We are also a supporter of Police K9 units. If you know of a unit that would like free dog shampoo for their K9 partners, we would be more than happy to make that happen.

Yellow Rose Farm Soap Company participates in various local and regional farmer’s markets and arts and crafts festivals. Please come out and visit with us in person! As always, farm visits are welcomed with an appointment! We also have products available in several local stores (see event page)

If you have an outlet and are interested in including our products, contact us. We have wholesale opportunities available.

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