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Natural Hair Care

If you are looking for a more natural way of Hair Care...

I not only sell these products but have been using them for years. 

provide your hair and scalp cleaning without over drying. These products are safe for any chemically treated hair and gray hair too! I have formulated these products to be NON REACTIVE for those undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation.  My clients have seen significant improvement in thickness of hair after using this product.

I ONLY use pure essential oils that have a purpose, in my natural hair care products

Peppermint: skin loving, nourishing, also opens up hair follicles to allow dirt and oil to be removed without stripping the healthy balance or your hair and scalp.

Lavender: nourishing, moisturizing, helps to repair damage to scalp and hair while gently refreshing.

Citrus: A blend of citrus oils designed for extra oily scalps and hair; helps to gently remove excessive oils

Tea Tree: Essential oil, great for scalp issues including psoriasis, eczema, and dandruff

Rose Geranium: heals, soothes, promotes a balanced pH of both hair and scalp

NO ParabensNO Sulfates. NO Mineral Oils EVER.

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