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New Products!!

You asked and I have answered! There are 2 new products hitting the shelf next week (or this week if you are coming to the Acworth Arts Festival this weekend!)

  1. Body B'Udder: A rich, moisturizing blend of both Mango and Shea butter, with Rice Bran oil(absorbs quickly) and Grapeseed oil. This blend is infused with nourishing goat milk and honey powder full of antioxidants. Comes in 2 awesome scents, so far: White Musk (Saffron, orchid, vanilla) and Aloha (mango, coconut)

  2. Magnesium Rub: This product is in stick form for ease of application. At 26% saturation, it is within therapeutic range. Magnesium has been known to help with sleep and aches and soreness especially those that are deficient (which is most women.) I have also included Apricot Kernal oil that has anti-flamatory properties. Zinc oxide is included to help with absorption and Peppermint essential oil well because it feels good and is good for the soul!

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