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Summer's here...and the time is right...for dancing in the streets..

Well not for me because I am fat and cannot dance but hey go for it!

Are you ready for Summer? I mean, like have everything you need? Going on vacation, a trip to the beach, to the lake or kids going to camp?

Try the NEW Summer Survival Kit! It has everything you need, travel sized and in a nice travel case, easy to pack.

Included are:

SunStop: A natural mineral based sunblock. Safe to use on your face and children. Won't leave the white residue like others. SPF 28*(NOT evaluated by the EPA). It contains Zinc Oxide which is both protective against UVA and UVB rays. It also contains Red Raspberry Seed Oil which also has sun blocking abilities (up to 20 SPF), Wheatgerm oil (SPF 20) and Soybean Oil (SPF 10)

Sun Relief Spray: A natural spray for any type of burn. This is my go to for sunburn, and windburn. I would love to say I always remember sunscreen but the truth is...I don't. Being a red head with fair skin, I burn really easy, even with sunblock on, so this is a must have. Safe to use on your face (keep out of eyes and off lips, it doesn't taste great). Active ingredients include Aloe vera, arnica, olive oil infused with Bay Leaf & Dandelion and Calendula. These aid in healing your damaged skin.

Insect Deterrent: Who can't go through summer with out bug spray? Not me, flies love me. DEET free. Great for mosquitos, flies and pesky no see ums. Safe for children.

Itchy Stick: Well unfortunately, sometimes bugs get to us and bite or sting. This stick can be used on any insect bite or sting from ants, mosquitos, flies, wasps, and even spiders and ticks. Helps to relieve itching and pain.

Lip ReDoux: This is for your lip repair. Contains no sugar. Is not greasy or sticky. Helps heal chapped lips.

Goat Milk Lotion: To moisturize and nourish dry skin.

And just because I can: 2 Goat Milk Soap Samples in seperate bags. Great for washing up after a day in the sun without stripping your skin of essential oils.

Going on a plane? All these are sized to be able to pass through security. Enjoy your summer people. Until next time.

Glad you are part of the "herd".

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