*In trying to curb the use of "one-time" packaging, I have increased the quantity of eye cream to 0.7 ounces.*


Looking for an all-natural, non-stinging eye cream? I think you have found what you are looking for!!


Vivid Eye Cream is based on a thicker version of our wonderful goat milk lotion. Vivid also contains pure coffee infused avocado oil to help with under eye bags. Caffiene is incredibly good helping to tighten up delicate skin around your eyes. Also in Vivid Eye Cream is Arnica essential oil. Arnica will reduce the signs of dark circles from your eyes.


Rose Hip Oil is another component in the cream. Rose Hip Oil is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants espoecially valuable for the delicate skin around eyes. To round out the formula is Lavender and Rose Geranium essential oils both of which are superb for skin.


All these wonderful ingredients come together to hydrate and lift eyes, making them appear brighter! Try some today!!

Vivid Eye Cream- 0.7 ounces

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