Sol Sun Relief Spray is an all natural relief spray for your skin. No matter how much you say it isn't going to happen, sooner or later it will..SUNBURN. This spray will take the itch, tightness, heat, and pain out of sunburn without synthetic ingredients.


I have also used this product on kitchen burns and wind burn with great results.


The second picture is of me and my intensly "lobsterized" back. I used the spray several times after exposure and the sunburn never hurt, peeled, blistered, or was painful. I was even able to take a hot shower that night with NO effects from the water.


I have used this spray on my face and it works without stinging my eyes. (Keep it out of your mouth!)


1 bottle will last more than all year for most. Why suffer? when you can get relief?


*HINT: Keep the bottle in the refrigerator for extra cooling effect.

Skin Burn Relief Spray: Sol


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