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Looking for the perfect shave kit? The one that will make your shaved part soft as a baby's bottom?


Look no further. NO artificial ingredients, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, or phthalates.


NO Animal Testing


Won't dry your skin out like other over the counter products. This package includes:


Shave soap: Good for up to 100 shaves. Goat Milk based, dual lye (for stable and prolific lather). The shave soap comes in a convienent travel jar that is refillable!


Shave brush: 100% Boar hair brush to help achieve the thickest lather possible.


After Shave: Natural ingredients to soothe and heal skin after shaving. Won't over dry your skin.


All in a zippered travel bag.


Good for both Ladies and Gents. Non comedogenic.

Skintastic Shave Kit

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