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Need a quick gift idea? Everyone will love this awesome package.


You recieve: 2 full size bars of Goat Milk Soap, 1 4ounce Goat Milk Lotion, and a 1 ounce travel size lotion. This all comes in a nice gift bag with a shower poof.


With all the hand washing, who wouldn't want to have a small bottle of lotion in their purse?


Choose from the following scents:


Blossom: a little sweet, a little floral, a little spicy!! A favorite.


Lavender: the real deal, using PURE lavender essential oil. Soothes skin and helps with sleep.


Jawja Peach: Yes, (Jaw Ja) you get both the scent of the peach orchard in bloom and the fragrant ripe peach, just the right combination.


Unscented: For the person that prefers the goodness without the scent.

Goat Milk Soap & Lotion Gift Bag

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