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Have occasional problem areas, including breakouts? You don't have to be a teenager to deal with these skin issues. Especially now with all the mask wearing, maybe you are developing skin irritations, red bumps, etc.

Excessive sweating, hormones, and outdoor activities can cause breakouts as well, and I am not just talking about your face. Backs, arms and even legs.


So try a new approach to unsightly bumps and read patches. Try a simple solution without over drying, alcohol, or artificial ingredients. This kit contains 3 wonderful products to help you diminish the pain and look of bumps.


NON Comedogenic, NO alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates. NO animal testing.


This kit includes:


Facial Bar Goat Milk Soap: A full size bar made with my Fresh from the FARM goat milk, activated Bamboo charcoal(there is a difference), and PURE Tea Tree essential oil. This bar will help to detox your skin, and pull impurties.


Facial Toner: An ALCOHOL FREE toner. Won't overdry your skin, which leads to more issues with your skin producing MORE oil. Contains Witch Hazel to purify skin, Aloe Vera to promote healthy skin, Calendula extract to sooth irritated skin, and a blend of PURE essential oils known for their skin loving properties. Makes skin soft and smooth.


NEW: Blot Spot Blemish Oil: This is perfect to apply to those already visible bumps to help them become less noticable and go away. Does not clog pores. A blend of fast absorbing carrier oils and PURE essential oils.


This has worked for me and worked for my son when he was younger. Its just 3 steps, a lot less than a name brand system that costs far more.

Problem Skin Kit

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