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8 ounces of wonderful. NO artificial ingredients, NO aerosols, NO perfumes.


Spray linens, rooms, carpets without worrying about staining. Use on clothing to remedy static cling. Use on dryer balls to infuse scent into clothing and blankets.


Uses only PURE essential oils. There are 2 scents available: Rest & Peace


Rest: A calming blend of Lavender & Chamomile that gently helps you to sleep. Lavender essential oil is known to help with relaxation, anxiety, depression & insomnia. Chamomile essential oil is known to help with nausea, anxiety, inflamation, arthritis, nerve pain and promotes sleep.


Peace: A mood lifting blend of Basil, Juniper Berry, & Peppermint. Basil essential oil is known to help with anxiety, bronchitis, colds, coughs, depression, & fatigue. Juniper Berry essential oil is known to help with bloating, digestion, boosts immune system, fatigue, muscle aches and arthritis. Peppermint essential oil helps with headaches, and gives a feeling of calm.


Make sure to try both, you won't be sorry!!


Ingredients: Distilled water, essential oils, & modifier.

Aromatherapy Linen & Room Sprays

SKU: 680585335423
  • Distilled water, pure essential oils, and modifier.

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