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So many people have asked and now here it is!!


What is Beard Oil you may ask? It is usually a skin and hair nourishing oils specifically blended to provide the moisture and condition to your face. It only takes a few drops rubbed into your beard daily to moisturize and soften.


Have you ever had the skin under your beard turn red, itch, and/or produce bumps that can be painful? This oil will help!! Usually the skin under your beard turns itchy and red because it becomes too dry from soap residue or from bacteria that is not washed away. My blend of oils is special; from organic grapeseed oil which quickly absorbs into the skin and beard hair taking with it nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E. This beard oil does not leave you feeling slick or greasy because it soaks in very quickly.


The REVIVE Beard Oil also contains pure essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender and Tea Tree all known for their skin loving and antifungal,  antibacterial properties. The smell is fresh and clean!


The HAVANA Beard Oil is a gentleman's scent of soft, sweet tobacco. Like one of those forbidden treasures from Cuba!


Either one will be having your wife jumping for joy at the softness of your beard. Instead of asking you to shave it, she will be asking for you to keep it!!


*As with ALL our products, everything is made from scratch by me, on the farm. I have researched all ingredients and specially select the ones that go into my formulations. Have a question, just ask.

Natural Beard Oil

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