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Need favors for a Wedding, shower, baby shower, swag bag or trade show? I have tons of options for you to choose from.


Very low minimum purchase. 20 units. Priced as low as $2.25/each.


Soap bars are guest bar sized, at least 1 ounce. The scent of your choice, with a cigar band label with your logo or emblem(totally your choice). *Please note that bars are hand cut so size and shape of the bars is not consistent.)


Scents are limited to "in stock" scents.


Soaps can take up to 4-6 weeks for completetion.


Some options:

- 1 ounce goat milk soap

- 1 ounce goat milk lotion

- 2 ounce goat milk lotion

- 2 ounce shampoo

- 1 ouince conditioner


Any packaging would be additional. As low as $0.10/each.


For further information please contact me at 706-816-9100.

Baby/Wedding Shower Favors

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