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Does your fur baby have dry paw pads or nose? Taking your baby out for a run in the sun? Have hard wood floors that your dog is slipping and slidding on?


Think of it like this. After you have a pedicure, your feet are soft and supple, you can grip the hardwood or tile floors better. Why? Because the technician has removed the dry, dead skin from the bottom of your feet. Well, your furry friend is probably NOT going to let you get within 10 feet of their paws with one of those razor things, nor do you really want too. You don't have too!!


B'Udder Me Up is made so it does the work for you. The wonderful, healing, rejuvenating moisturizers in the product work to soften the paw pads. Once the skin is softened, your dog can run around and naturally remove the excess dead skin from thie paws. Keep using the B'Udder to keep the paws soft and supple. No more scratchy paws on your skin or clothing.


B'Udder is formulated with naturally occuring sunscreen from the ingredients and the protection from UVA and UVB rays with Zinc Oxide. B'Udder Me Up is made with human grade ingredients so you can use as well...Oh why not? I have and it is delightful on the skin.


Formulated for discerning dogs everywhere...


Ingredients include: Wheatgerm Oil: SPF 30+/-

                               Soybean Oil: SPF 20+/-

                               Hempseed Oil: SPF 20+/-

                               Zinc Oxide: SPF depends on concentration in formula, 30% formulation so 30+/-, UVA  and UVB rays

'Udder Me Up: Nose, Paw and "Ruff" Spot Butter: This product has been formulated with extra care involved, meaning it has SPF included in the formula. This is especially important for Southern dogs as their sensitive noses can become magnets for cancers from sun exposure. B'Udder Me Up softens dry, ruff skin including paw pads which is important for homes with hardwood or tile floors. If your dog's paw pads are soft they can grip those floors better which means less wear and tear from their nails. Great for everyone!

This product is LICK SAFE! Humans can also use this product like a lotion bar for ruff feet, elbows, etc.

LICK SAFE = Non-Toxic

Nose, Paw & "Ruff" Spot B'Udder

SKU: 680585335270
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