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Its Summer in the South, that means new products, and well updates!!

I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and my lack of updating...But that is a good thing because I have been so busy trying to update recipes, make new products, and take care of partners; and well of course the GOATS, can't forget about them.

Also, the farm has been buzzing lately with new babies coming soon..stay tuned. If you haven't liked my farm page on Facebook or Instagram please do, that is where I will post all the pictures of the new kids born.

As a first time entrepreneur, I have had to dig deep and come up with a mission statement, a UPS, and everything that goes into that. Trust me, it will give your brain a run for its money. I think I have finally come up with one that relates to me and this business and makes me unique (I hope).


* Drawing Salve: an all-natural salve that helps to draw splinters and poisons to the surface of your skin without the use of petroleum products. It is amazing, especially for the hay splinters.

* B'Udder Me Up- Nose and Paw Butter for dogs and for you! Help keep those rough spots under control and provide an SPF protection as well. Great for sensitive dogs, dogs out in the sun, or if you like to take your best buddy hiking or think they deserve a pedicure. Did you know that dogs paws will grip the hardwood floor better if they are properly moisturized? No more sliding into furniture or claw marks in the floors. Soaks in quickly, no danger if they lick it(non-toxic).

*Get to Steppin- Paw Protection Wax. Want to take your dog to the beach or a festival, even just for a walk and worried about the temperature of the road? Worry no more with Get to Steppin; it is made with the hardest Natural Wax to protect your dogs paws. It soothes and moisturizes and locks into place to protect.

Have more questions? please feel free to ask.

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