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Why use goat milk products?

Milk based soap products have existed for centuries, with the most popular being goat milk products. Goat milk is closer to human pH and can be readily absorbed into our largest organ, our skin.

Cleopatra was known for her exceptional beauty which she attributed in large part to her weekly goat milk baths. Who wouldn't want to be considered a beauty like Cleopatra?

Goat milk contains:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Such as lactic acid which helps remove dead skin cells from your skin's surface. This leaves new cells on the surface of your skin that are smoother and younger looking. The alpha-hydroxy acids are so effective because they break down the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together. Removing the dead skin cells will help many skin conditions by removing irritation. Commercially available soaps are water based soaps and use harsh chemical acids to accomplish this, frequently with skin-damaging results.

  • Vitamins: Goat milk contains many vitamins (Vitamin A1 & A2, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantotheine), B6 (Pyrodoxine), B7 (Biotin), B9 (Folic Acid), B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. Goat milk is high in Vitamin A which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue and maintain healthy skin. Since we use raw goat milk these vitamins stay intact. Some commercially available soaps can be artificially fortified with vitamins but most are not.

  • Cream: Fats are an important part of making good soap. The cream that is present in goat milk helps boost the moisturizing quality of goat milk soaps. Our soaps are "superfatted" which means they contain more fat than the average soap. Since most people suffer from dry skin, this is an important quality for soap. Goat milk soap will not dry out your skin like many commercially available soaps because we do not use artificial chemicals to harden the bar. The natural hardening we use takes 4-6 weeks with NO chemicals. We let Mother Nature pull out the water of the bar leaving behind all the good stuff!!

  • Minerals: Goat milk contains many important minerals for the skin (sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, selenium, sulfur, manganese, copper and zinc). One of the most important minerals for skin health is zinc. Zinc plays a large part in skin repair and protects against UV radiation. Sulfur is use to treat skin problems including acne by helping skin shed excess cells that can block pores. Selenium works with Vitamin E as an antioxidant to nourish skin.

  • Preservatives: Most of our products do not contain preservatives. The products that contain preservatives use the minimum amounts possible to provide a safe product.

Why use Yellow Rose Farm Goat Milk Products?

Our products are made with fresh goats milk from our goats. We have been raising goats since 1997 and raise them sustainably on 7 acres of pasture in the Piedmont area of Georgia. They receive the best quality feed, hay, and supplements available and are naturally healthy and happy. Sustainable practices allow our goats to be as natural as possible which passes on in the milk and into the products we produce.

We are the ones that provide daily care of all the animals on the farm. We believe this practice allows us to stay connected to the process from start to finish. This makes quality control of our products paramount! We want you to be as happy as we are with the finished products.

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