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Not all Soap is created EQUAL....

For every person that is making their own soap, there is a different recipe. (Not all of these are created equal….TRUST ME!!) Not only are individual ingredients important, but the ratios of different oils and the care of the “other ingredients”(goat milk, butters, etc.) important.


Different oils in the soap making process do different things…for example: if you want lots of lather or the hardness of the bar. The person making the soap needs to formulate their soap so that when finished it is as luxurious and nourishing for the skin as possible. Most soap makers start out with a recipe they found online, I was lucky and had my mom’s to start and then tweaked it to where myself and my customers like it. Just beware….these formulas are highly guarded secrets and are not shared with anyone, heck my husband doesn’t even know my recipe…hahaha.

Other Ingredients:

As for the other ingredients, well lets just get to it. I only make goats milk soap and while I may add other butters or ingredients the basis for my soap will always be goats milk. My goats milk, from my healthy, happy goats. I love being the farmer, the soap maker, and the marketing and saleswoman for my soaps because I believe in them and my recipe…I could tell you but then I would have to kill you and where is the fun in that???

Cold, Hot, and What???

There are different ways of soap making. These are called processes and you have basically three processes: Hot, Cold, and Melt and Pour. Hot process means you heat everything up and “force” the soap to make and cure fast. Melt and Pour (MP) is when you buy a base soap already formulated from a factory, melt the base add whatever to it and pour it into molds. I (and most milk based soap producers) rely on the cold process method. Yes, it takes longer for the soap to cure but you are not killing all the good bacteria in the milk or breaking down or curdling the good stuff. This method is the true method for soap making…in other words this is how they did it “in the old days”.

So why MY soaps???

So suffice it to say, if you have tried other goat milk soaps and you did not see what all the fuss was about come on over and try mine. It really does make a huge difference in your skin. In my case my old weathered skin does not show the wrinkles or the pores as bad as when I do not use it. Goat’s milk has alpha-hydroxys naturally occurring in it and helps to remove dead skin cells.

Fair warning: Once you start with homemade soaps you will most likely never go back to the chemical laden bars from the store. Your skin will feel fabulous and so will you!!!

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