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For Body & Feminine Hygiene.

Safe for Babies & Adults.

NON-Reactive for chemo and radiation patients.

NO Talcum, NO Asbestos.


Ask and you shall recieve....Our very own formulation that contains NO Talcum Powder! Looking for an all natural body/personal powder option? Here it is! Cooling and soothing to the touch, not clumpy at all. Need a "refresher" during the day? This can keep you cool and collected. Remember those long, hot, sweaty days of summer are coming....Will you be ready?


Lightly scented with Lavender.


All nautral powder containing bentonite clay, arrowroot powder, and baking soda. Use this instead of other powders with Talc to prevent chaffing and protect those sensitive areas.


Safe for use with children and adults.


"Keep those dumplin's dry and fresh!"


Approximately 4 ounces

Dumplin' Dust Powder: Body Powder

SKU: 680585335256
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