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Summertime is here and the living is....well....HOT and SWEATY!!!!

Summertime is here...In the south, we have the pleasure of it being not only hot, but we have a wonderful thing called humidity. For my more northern folks, think SAUNA all around everywhere. There is no escape from it. It makes us just "glisten" and "sparkle", ok ok...not really we sweat down here....

You guys up north and out west just do not know what you are missing....oppressive heat, clothes sticking to you, your hair wet from sweat...yes darling all of that and more!! A permanent hot flash!

Now, my grandmother told me it was not ladylike to sweat, but the older I get the more I realize she was WRONG!! Yep, I am sweating now as I type this, clothes sticking to me and Lord knows I have issues trying to get out of my clothes. You have to peel them off of your body.

So I have some products that can help with some of those issues, especially the inevitable rash or irritated skin from our clothes and other undergarments. We are all adults here so I am going to be blunt..I am going to use the words butt, bra, boobs, and well lady bits to describe how my products can be used and be helpful during this SAUNA of summer!

Dumplin' Dust: This is a powder I formulated for me to use that does not contain Talcum Powder (now linked to ovarian cancer). I use this instead of body powder under my boobs and around my lady bits. The ingredients are simple and really help to absorb moisture and deter bacteria growth. It is lightly scented with lavender, and a little goes a long way. I use it everyday in my undergarments and it works without cancer causing Talc.

*Look for it under the Personal Care Products Page

Patootie Soothie: Like Dumplin' Dust it can be used for adults and for babies. This product is all natural and again: a little goes a long way. Patootie Soothie is a skin irritation cream, kind of like Butt Paste for infants, in fact it has some of the same ingredients, just not the artificial ones... When my bra rubbed me under my boobs and arms, after my shower I applied the Patootie Soothie to my irritated skin. By the next morning, the irritation was gone. I have also used this between my legs when they rub together and chaff. This cream contains Zinc Oxide that seals away moisture from getting to the affected area and seals in the healing properties of Buckthorn Extract. I absolutely love this of my favorites.

A.N.D. All Natural Deodorant: Another one of my favorites. Does not contain Aluminum, linked to breast cancer. I work outside most days on the farm, and for me it will keep me from smelling until about 3ish pm, depending on what I am doing. If I am really sweating it may not hold me that long, but I am usually in the shower if it is that bad way before 3pm. Very rarely does it not hold me all day. I guess the hardest part for me, changing from an antiperspirant to this deodorant was understanding that it is ok to sweat. Now, I have no issue sweating, even in front of people...hahahaha

Curious about these products? Then order them and try them...what are you waiting for? I have even made it easy for you. I have put them all in a Summer Sauna Package. Look for it on the Personal Care Products page....If you buy all three, use the coupon code SAUNA and take 15% off!!! June 6, 2017 - July 4, 2017.

Feel like this???

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