From Our Farm to You!

We are proud to make everything ourselves, most from our own goat milk! We believe in our motto:

Small Batch.

Home Tested.

Real Ingredients.

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Looking for a special gift for your 4 legged pal? Don't leave them out of the fun at Christmas!!


This package is for the dog lovers! Especially the Grand parents of our furry friends.


This package includes:


1 4ounce Natural Bark Dog Shampoo: Specially formulated for the dog's skin is pH balanced to help with skin irritations and sensitive skin dogs.

1 4ounce Ahh..That's the Spot Skin Soother: This spray is amazing! Helps relieve itchy spots and hot spots on contact, or use in between baths as a freshen up spray.

1 2ounce B'udder Me Up Nose, Paw and Ruff Spot Butter: Apply this wonderful unique formula to nose, paws or any ruff spots to soften, moisturize and heal. Made for Southern dogs with SPF. Don't let your fur baby get burned in our southern sun!

1 2ounce Paw Defense Paw Protection Wax: Apply to paws before walking outside to protect their paws against snow, wet, or asphalt burns. Made with Carnauba Wax (the hardest ALL NATURAL wax) to stay on their paws and not melt away.


Also included from our friends at Pet Wants Madison, 3 treats I am sure will become their favorites: a chicken foot, a lamb ear, and a gluten free dog biscuit! These are all natural and without preservatives or harmful chemicals.


This package comes in a gift bag, just for them!!

Grand Dog Package