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We are proud to make everything ourselves, most from our own goat milk! We believe in our motto:

Small Batch.

Home Tested.

Real Ingredients.

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2 ounces of wonderful salve for your cuts and scrapes! Wild-crafted dandelion infused oils of Flax Seed and Olive combine to help soothe sore muscles, achy & arthritic joints, and rough, chapped skin Dandelion salve is especially ideal for those who work outdoors and with their hands a lot!


Did you know that dandelions have natural analgesic properties?  Really.  And they’ve been hanging out in your backyard this whole time. Weeds? Really? I love seeing their little rays of sunshine come up every spring. So I harvest the flowers (but leave enough for the honeybees) and lots of roots with them to infuse my oil.


I have used this salve on cuts and scratches, which are never far away on the farm. It definitely takes the sting out of them including the papercuts. I have even used it on a scab or know how they really start to itch when healing? Well just take a tad of the salve and work it into the scab and connecting skin and WAH LAH! the itch is gone, now I can get on with my day!


We do NOT participate in ANY Animal Testing! And leave enough for our honeybees as well!

Dandelion Salve-All Natural Wound Treatment