Specifically Formulated for discerning Dogs...


Whether you live in the HOT South or COLD North or anywhere in between, this product will work for you!


Paw Defense Paw Wax protects your dogs paws against the ravages of the summer heat. Want to take your pup on a walk but worried about the hot asphalt burning their feet? Apply the paw wax to help protect those precious paws.


With snow and ice you have to worry about protecting your dogs paws not only from cold but the chemicals used to mitigate the weather conditions. Applying this BEFORE walking helps to protect your dog from absorbing the chemicals into their paws.


Formulated with Carnauba Wax, the hardest all natural wax available, and healing, all-natural, quick absorbing oils and extracts to keep your dog's paws in top shape no matter the weather.




*Use with B'Udder Me Up(Nose, Paw & Ruff Spot B'Udder) to keep your dog's paws soft and safe!

Paw Protection Wax: Paw Defense


    From the Farm to You!

    I am proud to make everything from scratch, most from our own goat milk!

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