Looking for that unique and personal gift for DAD? I can help. There are several packages available, or give me an idea and a budget and I can make it for you. Your package will be filled with great things for Dad/Brother/Uncle...or whomever you choose.


Some packages include:

Goat Milk Soaps: Handcrafted, using goat milk from my herd of healthy, happy Nigerian Dwarf goats. Manly scents including: Havana, Southern Gent, Refresh, Cedar & Sage and Desert Sage.(see soap page for descriptions of scents)

Beard Oil: A skin loving blend of PURE oils to make even the most unruly of beards soft and smell oh so good. Soaks into hair quickly, does NOT leave an oily texture. Great for the skin undeneath your beard too! Doesn't clog pores. 2 Scents: Havana & Revive. (see Beard oil page for scent descriptions)

Beard Wash: NEW!! A special formulation to clean and nourish beards. Softens hair structure without artificial chemicals using goat milk as the base. Added Argan oil to the wash to promote beard growth and health.

Shave Soap: This goat milk shave soap is specially formulated without artificial ingredients. Great for sensitive skin, razor bumps, redness. It lathers well due to the dual lye process the soap goes through. Should last for around 100 shaves. Comes in a refillable plastic jar for easy traveling. Pair this soap with a shave brush for exceptional lather and stability of lather.

Aftershave: Looking for that extra layer of softness and protection of your skiin? This is the product for you! NO alcohol so it is non-drying. Great for treatment of razor burn or problem skin. Ladies, try this on your legs after shaving...you can thank me later...


Whether you pick the package or leave it to me, I will make sure to send you a picture of it before it leaves to make sure you are happy. I will even stick in a note from you if you would like. Just let me know...

Father's Day Gifts


    From the Farm to You!

    I am proud to make everything from scratch, most from our own goat milk!

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